Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson Pulled in 1969 Topps Wax Pack at the National

History is Made Live on the Main Stage of the National in Chicago
  • July 31, 2021


History was made just minutes ago here at the National in Chicago!  We joined our sister company, Vintage Breaks, to open a 1969 Topps basketball wax pack for you and out came not one, but two Hall of Famers, back-to-back!  Take a look at pack-fresh Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson cards!

We've been waiting for two years to open a 1969 Topps wax pack for you and after all of the anticipation, we struck cardboard gold at the National! Teaming up with our sister company, Vintage Breaks, we offered all ten spots in the back to you as a pack break.  Planning to open this special piece of memorabilia, the anticipation was at an all-time high!  Two years ago we opened a 1955 Bowman baseball pack and pulled a Mickey Mantle!  Could we pull off the impossible again?  Would the stars align for us again on the Main Stage?


The 1969 Topps basketball set is one of our absolute favorites!  The size of the cards stands out amongst other sets; each card is 2-1/2” by 4-11/16", making the set dubbed the "Tall Boys."   Topps produced 99 cards in the set and there are legendary names to be had.

Key Cards:

#1 Wilt Chamberlain 

#20 John Havlicek

#25 Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

#35 Elgin Baylor

#50 Oscar Robertson

#90 Jerry West

#98 Walk Frazier

Even if the "key cards" were not in the sealed pack, we were still eager to see pack-fresh cards from 52 years ago see the light of day for the first time!







As the clock geared towards 3:00 PM, the crowd began to gather.  Our owner, Leighton, brought the entire Vintage Breaks team, and our friends at Heritage Auctions up to the main stage.  Armed with hope and card savers, we were ready to try and make history.  PSA was here with us in case we got lucky!  Then, this happened:






Big O

BACK-TO-BACK Hall of Famers!  Wilt Chamberlain, card #1 in the set, and card #50 of the Big O, Oscar Robertson were in this pack!  


The Wilt, going to JJ Grube, is currently in the hands of PSA for grading as you read this!  Once the grade is given, we'll post an update so you can see the outcome and a nice, up-close photo! 

If you're at the National this weekend, come swing by booth #1519 to see the cards!  Once we return home to the Just Collect office, we'll be sending this cards out to their proper homes.  Congratulations JJ and everyone else in this break! Thank you for letting us be part of the big day.



If you're at the National show this week, come stop by our booth #1518!  We love buying 1969 Topps including quite a few purchased as part of the New England hoard several years back, and many others found in collections like the one that a collector dropped off at our office for us to evaluate.


Can't come to the National?  We're always buying, all year, from anywhere!

Just Collect is always buying vintage sports and non-sports cards from 1879 to 1979 as well as select modern cards. Your collection doesn't have to be all vintage either!  I recently bought a graded card collection of more modern cards that was filled with rookie cards of Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, and even Hulk Hogan that you can see here.

If you have a collection that you are considering selling, contact me today to discuss or get our industry-leading purchase offer. If you have a collection that you want appraised, please contact us and I would be happy to discuss your collection and help you understand the real cash value of your collection in the current marketplace. Check out the Just Collect buy list blog here


I've run into a wide range of people and collections over the last 25 years. Although Just Collect is known for buying vintage sports cards and especially vintage baseball cards, I am also extremely interested in buying non-sports cards, too!  

Every collection and every collector is different and I treat EVERY collection with the respect and attention that we show for our own collections. I understand that many have put their heart and souls into building their collections. So when you're ready to sell, understand the feelings that you're going through and will work with you to help you reach a decision that is a WIN/WIN, because if you're not happy, I'm not happy.


Whether you have single cards of Babe Ruth, vintage cards, complete vintage sets, or select modern stars, I'd love to hear from you! 

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