California Dreamin' - Deja Vu All Over Again

California collector sells Just Collect a second graded collection
  • May 31, 2017

California Dreamin' Collection Deja VuOur Customers Are The Best

As a seller of sports cards, we understand the importance of customer loyalty and repeat business.  We do not take customer satisfaction for granted and appreciate the faith that our customers put in us to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion.  We strive to be at the top of our game every single day.


It is this same commitment to excellence that we proudly offer when we're reviewing and potentially buying a collection.  In most cases, when we buy a collection, the seller is getting out of the hobby or has inherited the cards and is interested in turning the collection in to cold, hard cash.  Sometimes, sellers only want to sell a portion of their collection and may eventually sell more at another time.  We've had several sellers provide us with their collections in segments and we've gladly worked with them to afford them the best service and best buy prices so that they are certain that we're their best choice.  

The rare instance is one when a collector sells nearly their entire collection and then amasses another significant collection that they again wish to liquidate.  This recently happened with a customer of ours from whom we purchased a very large collection last summer.  In case you haven't read about it before, we previously visited the seller last summer in Southern California when we purchased the California Dreamin' Collection.  While this current collection wasn't nearly the size of the previous collection (over 400 pounds and more than 2600 cards), it was significant in both size and value (more than 500 graded cards and nearly $20,000 in retail value).


Graded Cards Are Much Easier to Evaluate

Since the seller and Scott, our Vice President, had met in person at the seller's California home last year and worked out a very significant deal on on all graded collection, the seller reached out to Just Collect again to discuss selling this "new" graded card collection.  The great thing about graded cards and graded card collections is that is that we can review the collection and provide a very aggressive and market leading purchase offer without the seller having to ship the cards or providing a wide range of images or scans as long as potential sellers can provide a list of their graded card inventory with the specific cards and grades.  After our California seller provided Just Collect with a detailed spreadsheet of each graded card, we were able to evaluate the entire collection and make a very fair offer to the seller.  We were able to reach a very quick agreement on price and even provided out FedEx shipping information and paid the shipping cost of this 500+ graded card collection.

Upon receiving the collection, reviewing and verifying the collection was relatively quick as the seller packed the collection to match the master spreadsheet and this saved us a lot of time and we were able to cut the seller his payment and send it back to him via Overnight FedEx.  It is interesting to note that while going through the graded cards, there were a few that still had the Just Collect inventory labels on the protective baggies that we ship the cards in.  We must be doing something right if a collector is buying from us and sells back to us, not once, but twice.


So Many Cards and So Many Stars

The collection was a smorgasbord of major stars, rookies, key hall of famers, scarcities and odd ball issues.  Collections this large typically have a nice sampling of stars and this was no exception.  Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, Wayne Gretzky, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Namath, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, Larry Bird, Nolan Ryan, Johnny Unitas, several 1986 Fleer Basketball cards and so many other stars graded the spreadsheet. The seller certainly had some personal favorites and he also focused on several tougher issues including Post Ceral cards, Topps Venezuelan issues and several unique regional issues from the 1960's and 1970's.  One of the cards that he has included in both collections has been the very difficult and highly sought after 1967 Topps Blankback Proof card featuring Roger Maris with YANKEES on the card rather than CARDINALS.  This card is rarely traded and is always a highlight when offered for public sale.


1979 O-Pee-Chee Wayne Gretzky 1941 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio


1969 Topps Mickey Mantle 1967 Topps Roger Maris Proof Yankees



Sometimes, you don't realize just how much space a collection takes up.  Even doing the evaluations, you sometimes lose perspective of just how many cards you're reviewing., but when you start stacking a few hundred graded cards, they take up a lot of space.  When you try to take a picture of more than 500 graded cards, it becomes somewhat daunting.  As you can see in the video below, there are several hundred cards stacked up, but that is only about half of the collection.  The original California Dreamin' Collection was about five times larger!


Roger Maris Collection Miscellaneous Mickey Mantle and more



Our Buying Philosophy

We've run into a wide range of people and collections over the past decade. Although we are known for buying vintage sports cards and especially vintage basketball cards, we are also extremely interested in buying non-sports cards, also!

Every collection and every collector is different and we treat EVERY collection with the respect and attention that we show for our own collections. We understand that many have put their heart and soul into building their collection. So when you're ready to sell, Just Collect understands the feelings that you're going through and we will work with you to help you reach a decision that is a WIN/WIN, because if you're not happy, we're not happy.


We Are Always Buying

Just Collect is always buying vintage sports and non-sports cards from 1879 to 1979 as well as select modern cards. If you have a collection that you are considering selling, contact us today to discuss your collection and get our industry leading purchase offer. If you have a collection that you want appraised, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your collection and help you understand the real cash value of your collection in the current marketplace.

Don't hesitate to check out our Google Reviews left by many of the great people that have considered selling collections to Just Collect.


The California Dreamin' Deja Vu All Over Again Collection Video:


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