Customer Turns Down Over $50,000 Offer From Celebrities for LeBron James Rookie Card During Break

Winner of a 2003 Topps Black Chrome Refractor LeBron Rookie Had Offers on the Spot
  • January 28, 2021


A lucky customer pulled a rare and valuable LeBron James rookie card while several well-known and famous card collectors were watching.  Before the customer could soak up the glory, multiple cash offers were made on the spot and the collector stone cold turned them down!  Who made the offers?  How much cash was offered?  We've got the video of all the action for you!

Would you be able to turn down $50,000 for a basketball card?  A customer did just that, flat out turning down a few celebs along the way, too, live during a break!  

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Our sister company, Vintage Breaks, offered spots in the 2003 Topps Black Chrome Refractor complete set break. 

  • 165 cards in the set
  • Each card limited to only 500 copies
  • Card 111 = LeBron James Rookie
  • Graded PSA 9 - 68 total copies in this grade exist 


As you know, card values have soared in recent months, and a player like LeBron James is no exception to rising card values.  As there are only 68 cards known to exist in a grade of 9, this exact card commands top dollar. 

Spots were sold individually.  With 165 cards in the set, 165 spots were sold.  The list was randomized and whichever customer was lucky enough to land on spot #111 would take home the LeBron rookie.  EVERYONE wanted in on the break!

Just to name a few of the well-known, celebrity card collectors in the break were:

The breaker, J5, set up the break so when spot 111 came up, he hid the name from viewing for just a moment and called the winner live during the show.  On the other end was a loyal Vintage Breaks customer, Rob Giese! 

Before Rob could say a word, offers during the break were:

  • $10,000
  • $25,000
  • $50,000

My favorite quote is from Gary V to Rob.   

Gary:  "I want to buy this from you."

Rob: "I'm sure."

😅  Rob didn't even wait until Gary V gave him a number before shooting him down!  "I'm sure."  Ha! What if Gary V was about to offer 100K?!

Though, Rob did just hit a HUGE card, apparently worth more than 50 grand.  Estimates now are around $70,000!

Rob did say he's willing to talk later but wanted to go get a drink and watch Vintage Breaks first. 

If you're wondering how some of the other celebrities did or where other big cards went to:

  • Gary V got the PSA 9 Tim Duncan - nice hit for Gary V!
  • Steve Aoki toook home a Bobby Jackson
  • Chris Ko with a PSA 10 Kobe
  • Michael Jordan (not THAT MJ) = Dwayne Wade
  • Harry Kassap won the Chris Bosh
  • Ryan Kaas with Carmelo Anthony

Thank you to J5, the owner, Leighton Sheldon, the whole crew at Vintage Beaks including Doug, Sam, Emily, all the loyal customers, Josh, Jason, Gary V, and everyone else that made this set break possible.  Congrats to you, Rob G.!

Here is the video of the LeBron call


Would you turn down those offers?  Let us know!

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