Pencil Artist Ed Rini Draws Iconic Sports Cards and Moments

From Aaron to Trout Rookie Cards Rini Draws Legendary Images in Time of Need
  • April 08, 2021

You'll need to do a doubletake when looking at drawings from pencil artist, Ed Rini; he produces life-like, iconic sports cards and moments! The pencil renditions looks like a real card or photograph! Take a look at the work from a man that makes magic with a pencil in a time of need.

While looking at cards for sale in an Facebook group, I found a batch of AMAZING drawings based on legendary sports cards.  Sometimes finding a piece of art like what you're about to see is better than pulling huge card out of a pack - and this coming from someone that would swim in a Scrooge McDuck money bin filled with sports cards if he could. As it turns out, the artist was offering his work to supplement his income after losing his job. Sharing this story not only helps the artist, but you as well - you'll love to own a drawing from this artist!  Here are images from pencil artist, Ed Rini.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson-1

1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie

Hank Aaron-1


1982 Topps Traded Cal Ripken, Jr. Rookie

Cal Ripken


1989 Topps Traded Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie 




That Cal Ripken Drawing caught my eye on the Facebook page; the detail is impeccable.  I reached out to Ed and asked if I could share his drawings and he was glad to tell me a little bit about himself, his work, as well as sending me a few more pictures to share with you.

Just Collect:  How long have you been drawing, Ed?

Ed Rini: I have drawings my parents kept since I was 8. I didn't draw for years because I was bowling a lot and went 5,220 days between between these two drawings:



Look at the difference between the drawing of Pete Weber (bowler) from 14 years prior to the drawing of Pink Floyd!  That drawing of Weber is better than I can even do today...

Just Collect:  Where did you learn to draw at?

Ed Rini: Drawing through school - I learned how by watching cartoons of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Just Collect:  How long, on average, does one drawing take?

Ed Rini: 20 to 25 hours per drawing 

Just Collect:  Ever meet a person you drew?

Ed Rini: I had Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy sign drawings at a tournament I volunteered for.

With the Masters starting today, sharing a few of Ed's golf photos is appropriate!  Ed also colors a few of his photos in, including this Tiger Woods picture:

Tiger Woods

Tiger Color



When I asked Ed how to buy one of his drawings, he said he doesn't have a website up yet, because lost his job!  Like MANY in 2020, Ed was a casualty.  Selling his drawings really helps Ed out in a time of need.

WHERE TO BUY: You can reach out to Ed on his Facebook page HERE.

Keep drawing like this Ed and this will BE your job, sir!  

I don't want to share ALL of my favorite drawings of Ed's just yet because we hope to interview Ed live on the Leighton's Loft podcast!  The owner of Just Collect, Leighton Sheldon, often has guests on of sports nature.  From NBA broadcasters, authors of baseball books, to celebrities that love to open sports cards, Leighton goes live on his Podcast every Wednesday at 4:30 PM EST. on his channel HERE.  Ed has drawings of baseball, basketball, football, golf, bowling, music, and more! Before Ed shows more drawings off on Leighton's Loft, I'll share my favorite drawing of Ed's:


Miller Park with Yeli - jaw-dropping stuff, Ed.


We can't draw anywhere near as well as Ed does, so we stick to buying sports cards and collections!

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