Shoeless Joe Jackson Autographed Photo Sells for 1.47 Million Dollars

The ONLY Known Photo Signed by Shoeless Joe Sets Record Price
  • October 11, 2021

The ONLY known photo autographed by Shoeless Joe Jackson of the 1919 White Sox has been sold for an astonishing price!  See the the 1.47 million-dollar piece of memorabilia, and learn why this is the only signed photo in existence. 

A record price was set for a signed sports photograph.  The bid of 1.47 MILLION dollars was for the only known autographed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson. 


The 1919 White Sox team was accused of throwing the World Series that season in exchange for money paid by gamblers. Rumors were that the players were unhappy with the team owner over money. Back then, baseball players could not change teams without permission from their current team, and a player that refused a contract could not sign with another team. Eager for extra money, going into the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, eight players of the White Sox agreed to, or knew of, taking money from gamblers to purposely lose the series. Each player would have taken home $5,000, which was double their baseball salaries.

After dropping the World Series by a tally of 5 games to 3, the fix was leaked out and soon the public knew. The eight players were brought to a trial, and the Jury found all players not guilty.  Regardless of the jury's decision, the Commissioner of Baseball ,Kenesaw Mountain Landis, banned all eight players from baseball of life:

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson
  • Eddie Cicotte
  • Chick Gandil
  • Swede Risberg
  • Buck Weaver
  • Claude "Lefty" Williams
  • "Happy" Felsch
  • Fred McMullen.

Here is a very useful timeline of the World Series, trial, and what happened to each player afterwards.


"Shoeless" Joe picked up his nickname after playing a game in a pair of cleats that weren't broken in yet.  With sore feet, Jackson played the rest of the game in only his socks. "Shoeless" was on his way to a Hall of Fame career in 1919.  His .356 lifetime average still stands as the third-highest in baseball history. There has been much debate of Shoeless Joe's involvement as he was the best player in the 1919 World Series.  Jackson had 12 hits, batted .375, scored 5 runs, had 6 RBI, and hit the only home run of the series.  With the lifetime ban, Shoeless Joe would never wind up in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

What you may not know about Jackson is that he was illiterate; he could not read nor write! Jackson avoided signing as much as he could. He could pretty much only write his name. That's what makes this signed photograph so very rare; it's the only one ever known!


The photograph was taken by Frank W. Smith in Spring Training 1911 in Louisiana. The photograph added the inscription you see of "Alexandria Mar 1911."  When Jackson signed the photo is unknown.

Back in 2010, a consignor acquired this signed for for $15,000. The photo then sold at Heritage Auctions for $179,250 in 2015. This week, Christie's auctioned the photo off and the bids reached 1.47 million dollars!.  Thank you to Heritage Auctions for allowing us to share the photo of this incredible piece: 

Imaged by Heritage Auctions


The world has changed so much since 1919.  The TV didn't exist yet. Not even half of the homes in the US had electricity yet. One thing that hasn't changed - baseball does not stand for gambling in the game - just ask Pete Rose.

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