Tom Brady Autographed Rookie Card Sells for $556,000 on eBay

The 2000 Playoff Contenders Card Soars in Price
  • January 27, 2021

Tom Brady is back to breaking football record this week and astonishingly, his latest record has nothing to do with his pending 10th Super Bowl appearance next Sunday.  Off the gridiron, Brady has the record for most expensive football card sold - again.

There are few records that Tom Brady seems to hold.  As we near Brady's 10th Super Bowl, the hall of records is littered with TB12.  A new record fell hours ago that Brady previously held - and he crushed it again.

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2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket

  • Autographed
  • Rookie 
  • Graded PSA 10

If you're not familiar with PSA grading, the scale ranges from 1 to 10; the Brady card is PERFECT.  Given the foil on the card, the cards in the set are hard to keep in pristine condition.  This rare Brady card has survived probably numerous hands checking out the signature Brady placed on the center of the card.

There were 100 bids on the eBay auction and the final sale price was ...$555,988.00 😮

A very similar Tom Brady card sold in 2019 for $400,100, which at the time was the record price for a football card.

Brady takes the crown back in the world of cardboard.  Check out the original eBay auction here.  The company handling the sale, PWCC, described the card pretty well here.  PWCC kindly shared the image here on Twitter for us to gawk at - imagine putting that Brady into your collection.

What is the most expensive sports card EVER?  That record belongs to a Mickey Mantle rookie card that sold for THIS much.

Do you think the Brady card is worth half a mil?  Let us know!

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