Tom Brady's Very First Touchdown Pass Ball at Auction

First of Brady's 581 (and counting) TDs Already Over 100K Price Tag
  • May 16, 2021

Tom Brady's first ever touch down pass of his illustrious career is available at auction.  The auction does not end for another 19 days and the price of the historic ball is already over a $100,000!Twenty years ago, a 24-year-old kid named Tom Brady threw his very first NFL touchdown pass on October 14th, 2001.  Since that day, Brady has accumulated so many accolades, there are probably more events in his career that we have already forgotten than events we remember.  With 581 (and counting) touchdown passes, can you even remember which player caught Brady's first career TD?  One lucky season ticket holder knows that answer.  The fan that caught the ball is now making the memento available - and it sure is expensive.


October 14th, 2001

After two decades of dominating the NFL, it's easy to forget that Tom Brady's first TD pass didn't come in his rookie year nor did he toss once in his first three games of his sophomore seasons.  Playing behind a Pro Bowl starter that once took the team to a Super Bowl in Drew Bledsoe, Brady actually didn't find the end zone until 10/14/01 - week four of the season.

Against the Chargers, Brady connected with Terry Glenn with 4:01 left in the second quarter in a game the Pats won in overtime 29-26.  Glenn tossed the ball into the stands where a lucky season ticket holder caught and held onto the ball ever since.  The ball has been sitting in a safety deposit box but the consignor recently saw the record-breaking prices of Tom Brady's rookie cards  and decided to put the ball up for auction.

WHERE: Leland's 

WHEN: Now-June 4th, 2021

PRICE: $110,809


That 100K price tag is only going to continue to increase, as well.  There are 19 days left in the auction as I wrote this to you.




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