Topps Baseball Card Company Going Public in Billion-Dollar Deal

Former Disney CEO Heads the Move
  • April 06, 2021

Long-time baseball baseball card king, Topps, is now becoming a publicly-traded company on Wall Street.  Before you worry about a wild price increase in packs, know that Topps used to be a public company before!  We'll give you the breakdown of the deal and some fun Topps tidbits you may not have known.

Topps announced today that company known for making baseball cards is now going to be a publicly-traded company.  I'm certainly not a stock broker, but in short - you can now invest in Topps.  What does such a change mean for you?  We'll break down the information and fill you in on some cool Topps facts!  


  • Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation II contributes 100 million dollars to the deal
  • Topps is valued at 1.3 billion dollars 
  • Nasdaq symbol ticker = TOPP
  • Former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, remains as Topps Chariman 


Nor is this the first time we've used an action verb with an inanimate object.  

Topps as been public a few times before!  The company has been private since 2007 in the deal Eisner made at 385 million dollars.


When you think of Topps, you instantly think of baseball cards!  Have you ever read a baseball card wrapper, though?  Let's take a closer look:

Topps Packs

On that familiar 1987 Topps baseball wax pack you can see "17 Bubble Gum Cards 1 Stick Bubble Gum." 

Bubble Gum Cards?  Yep! 

Topps was founded in 1938 and began to manufacture chewing gum.  Topps actually owns Bazooka gum!  Remember when you were playing Little League and you opened a piece of Bazooka gum, put the comic in your pocket to read after the game, then took the field?  To this day, Topps manufactures gum and candy!

To increase sales of gum, Topps pulled out an old trick that tobacco companies used to do by placing baseball cards in packs to push the sales of their gum!  

Other candies Topps owns:

  • Bazooka gum
  • Ring Pops
  • Push Pops
  • Juicy Pops
  • Babe Bottle Pops

So when Topps goes public, not only will the baseball cards, but still will all aspects of the company: Candy, Digital cards, gift cards, Garbage Pail kids, and more!


I'm not a stockbroker nor can I predict the future, sadly.  I don't know if the trading will increase the cost of your Topps packs.  Topps packs are roughly $3 to $7 for a base pack, up from the 50 cents a pack used to set you back in 1987.  There is always a rise in cost.  I doubt we'll see a 2022 Topps pack be priced at $10 or more direct from Topps, but only time will tell!  Even if a pack does cost $10, we'd still buy at that price, wouldn't we :)

As far as the stock price - attempting the math:

One of the top card grading companies, PSA, was sold recently that you can read about here.  As you read this, the parent company of PSA is valued at $91.92 per share. The sale price of the company was 850 million dollars.  If Topps is valued at 1.3 billion dollars, I'd imagine the price per share will be over 100 bucks per share.

That share price is just a guess, though! I don't know stocks, but I know Topps baseball cards!  HERE is some great information on vintage Topps baseball card sets. If you have any of those vintage Topps sets are looking to SELL, we'd love to hear from you!


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