Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente Pulled from 1960 Topps Sealed Pack

Vintage Breaks, Our Sister Company, Makes Card Breaks History
  • November 15, 2021


Vintage Breaks, our sister company, made card breaks history when they broke open a PSA-sealed and graded 1960 Topps baseball cello pack to reveal not one but TWO legendary Hall of Famers in the same pack!

60t-bb-cello-pack-4th-series-top (1)

For 61 years, this 4th Series cello pack of Topps baseball cards hadn't been opened. Untouched since the day the pack rolled off the production line at the Topps factory, these 12 cards had never seen the light of day!  For just ten cents you could have stopped by your local store and picked up this pack, played a game of FLIP or put them in your bike spokes with the 1960 Topps baseball cards. Amazingly, this exact pack survived being thrown against the wall or used in your bike to make it sound like a real motorcycle. 

Our sister company, Vintage Breaks, made history this week when they offered you spots in a card break in this PSA-graded, sealed pack, and pulled not one, but TWO legendary players out of the exact same pack! 

The 1960 Topps baseball set has 572 cards and when a cello pack contains just 12 cards, the odds are long.  Either way, Vintage Breaks knew you could still take home pack-fresh cards and YOU would be the original owner.  The provenance of your 1960 Topps cards is undeniable; since Vintage Breaks aired the break live on their show, you'll always know when and where your card originated from despite it being 61 years old!

During the break, the impossible happened! Card number 300, Hank Aaron was in the pack! Just a few cards later, card number 326, Roberto Clemente appeared!  IN THE SAME PACK!



Here is a video of the incredible break!


If you would like to read more about this historic break, you can see the story over on Vintage Breaks HERE.


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